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Pharmacy Services

Mission Statement:

The Rockingham County Division of Public Health Pharmacy “team” will strive to provide quality care and compassion for all patients receiving prescription drug assistance, dispensing and counseling services, and/or educational needs.


Pharmacy Services Overview:


The pharmacy provides prescription medications on-site for patients seen in the following clinics at the Health Department:

  • Patients seen in Family Planning receive medications at no cost. These may include birth control or STD prescriptions. Prescriptions for prenatal vitamins are filled for expecting mothers during their first visit with our clinic.
  • Patients seen in our Adult Health Clinic may have their medications filled at our pharmacy, if they qualify, for $3.00/generic and $5.00/brand for a 30 day supply. If samples are available, then there is no cost. Patients on chronic care medications for blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, etc., are referred into our prescription assistance program, if spaces are open.
  • Children or teens seen in our Child Health Clinic may receive their prescriptions at our pharmacy at no charge. We provide this service to children that do not have Medicaid, are 22 years of age or younger, and have no other form of prescription insurance.

Pharmacists are available to provide health talks to community nutrition sites, conduct community medication reviews, or perform chronic disease medication counseling to congregational members of churches, civic groups, etc. For more information contact us at 342-8193.


Prescription Assistance Program (PAP):

  • The PAP program was initiated in October 2002 through a grant funded by Annie Penn Community Trust. Currently, approximately 300 patients are enrolled. The average patient is on 4-5 medications.

  • The medications are received free of charge from various drug manufacturer programs. Medications are ordered per individual, normally every three months. However, there is a $2.00 administrative fee fore each medication received.

  • Our pharmacists work according to the Chronic Disease Implementation Plan for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol to monitor patients from this program.

  • Eligibility into this program is dependent upon the manufacturer’s income criteria for a specific medication. A person must also be referred by our clinic providers before initial appointments are scheduled.

  • Persons interested in the PAP program must be seen by a Health Department provider.

Community Prescription Assistance Program (CPAP):

  • The CPAP program, funded by the NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund Commission, was developed for patients in the community who have private physicians but are having difficulty affording their medications.

  • The medications are ordered free or charge from various drug manufacturer’s prescription assistance programs for people meeting their eligibility criteria. Medications are ordered per individual, normally every three months.

  • A person must be referred by his/her provider and have no forms of prescription insurance. There is no age limit.

  • A registered pharmacist will provide a complete medication management review.

  • The CPAP program now has approximately 290 patients enrolled. The goal is to help displaced workers and the Senior population in Rockingham County.

  • CPAP is now assisting the Medicare population with the new Part D Prescription Drug Plan becoming effective January 2006.

  • Persons interested in this program many call 342-8275 for more information.

Resources and Links


  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance (1-888-477-2669)



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