Rockingham County Health and Human Services
Felissa Ferrell
Director of Health and Human Services
Felissa Ferrell
Director of Social Services
Susan Young, BSN,RN
Interim Health Director

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Available Services

Available Financial Assistance:

  1. Cash Assistance through the Work First Program
  2. Employment Services for Cash Assitance recipients
  3. Medicaid for Families, Children and Adults
  4. Transportation Services for Medicaid recipients
  5. NC Health Choice
  6. Special Assistance for Adults
  7. Food and Nutrition Sercies (formerly known as Food Stamps)
  8. Child Support Enforcement
  9. Child Day care Subsidy
  10. Adoption Assistance
  11. Fuel Assistance through the Crisis Intervention Program
  12. Low Income Energy Assistance Program
  13. Emergency Assistance (fuel related)
  14. Medical Eye Care Certification (C.R.2)

Child Welfare

  1. Adoption Services, both to children in need of adoption placement and to applicants wishing to adopt a child.
  2. Services to children with behavior problems.
  3. Services to children with mental or physical handicaps.
  4. Assist in preparations of applications for admission to:
    • State schools for deaf and blind.
    • State institutions for children who are mentally handicapped.
    • Child caring institutions.
  5. Referrals of cases to local and other medical resources.
  6. Referrals to licensed day care facilities in the community.
  7. Certification of children for services through other programs, including School Health, Cerebral Palsy Hospital.
  8. Cooperative services with schools of special problems:
    • Attendance
    • School behavior problems
    • Eligibility for special education classes
  9. Services to children in their own homes:
    • Protective (abuse, neglect, etc.)
    • Casework and counseling
    • Homemaker services (to keep children together in their own homes during time of emergency, such as illness of mother, or to help parents give more adequate care.
  10. Prepare social studies for courts as an aid in determining custody of guardianship of children.
  11. Locating and study foster homes for children for licensing.
  12. Placement of children away from their homes when necessary.
    • Foster Homes
    • Child caring institutions
  13. Social studies and supervisory services to children placed for foster care across state lines, in accordance with Interstate Placement Statutes.
  14. Services to unmarried mothers, including assistance in securing maternity home care.
  15. Day care services for children (fees may be charged based on income).
  16. Issuance of work permits to minors under regulations of State Department of Labor.
  17. Vocational rehabilitation referrals.
  18. Investigation of out-of-town inquiries from other counties and states.

Services to Adults

  1. Information and Referral Service
    • Other social agencies
    • Local police
    • Sheriff's Department
    • Courts
    • Other county departments of public welfare
  2. Protective Services (Helping people to overcome unsafe situations).
  3. Services to enables adults to remain in or return to their home or community. (Help in locating suitable living arrangements, including group care in homes for aged and nursing homes)
  4. Self-Support Services for the Disabled. (Helping disabled people find ways of supporting themselves in whole or in part or to be occupied in something that will give them satisfaction)
  5. Services to meet health needs. (Assisting persons to carry out necessary health plans)
  6. Services to adults in family care homes, home, homes for the aged and nursing homes. (Assuring proper care in group facilities)
  7. In-Home Aide Services. (Arranging for homemaker help with home arrangements and management for those unable to do for themselves; checking on aged or disabled individuals at regular intervals to provide protection and friendly support).
  8. Aid to blind and/or social services.
  9. Counseling on problems of aging.
  10. Supportive Services
    • Limited In-home services
    • Transportation (limited to medical transportation for Medicaid Recipients)
    • Social Service Aides - extends all services offered by department
    • Chore Services 
  11. Guardianship
  12. Abortion/Sterilization Counseling

Application Procedure

Any person who resides in the county, regardless of race, color, or national origin, who needs public assistance or services may apply by calling the number above or visiting the office 
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